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Book Clubs

Kelly would love to meet with your book club either in person or via SKYPE. To set up a book club visit, please contact Kelly directly: kellyoliverbooks@gmail.com.



(Jessica James Mystery Series, Book Two)

Sample Book Club Questions

  1. How does the novel take up serious issues of Fracking, corruption, human trafficking, Eco-terrorism, and drug addiction? Did the novel make you more aware of these issues?
  2. Did you like the way the novel moved between Glacier Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation? In what ways did the setting act as a kind of character in the novel?
  3. The novel is told from three points of view, Jessica’s, Kimi’s, and Bill’s. Who’s point of view did you enjoy the most? Why?
  4. All three main characters are affected by the bus accident. Did you like the way that the story is anchored by that one traumatic event?
  5. What would Jessica’s life have been like if she’d stayed in Montana? In what ways is Bill a sort of alter-ego for Jessica as someone who stayed?
  6. Even though Jessica is from Montana, she doesn’t seem to fit in. Yet, she doesn’t fit in at graduate school in philosophy either. Discuss the ways in which Jessica is a misfit in both places, and why.
  7. How is Jessica’s life affected by others’ expectations of her?
  8. How does philosophy help her to cope with, escape, or navigate the world?
  9. What did you think of Jessica’s relationship with Kimi? How about Kimi’s relationship with Lolita?
  10. What was the biggest surprise in the novel?
  11. Was Tommy a good bad guy? What about Richard Knight?
  12. Did you like the double-identity subplot?
  13. Did the novel do a good job of raising awareness of the poverty and hardship on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation?