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Jessica James Mysteries


Praise for the series

Readers Favorite

"An exciting and mind-boggling story that kept me on the edge of my seat. The intricacies of the plot are so diverse and captivating that I was completely engrossed in the story and was unable to put it down. The bizarre subject matter is thought-provoking, lending insight to some of the new medical technology that is being researched, and the importance of its future.... Each character has their own quirky and distinctive personalities, giving the story a realistic quality. The author has created a brilliant amateur sleuth novel, and I recommend it to those who love an intriguing mystery interlaced with scientific technology."
   —Readers' Favorite on F.O.X. (read the full review)

"F.O.X. has it all: keep-you-up-at-night pacing, Crichton-worthy plot packed with interesting insight and info, and a heckuva heroine, Jessica James, a cowboy boot wearing doctoral student transplanted from the plains of Montana to the streets of Chicago."
   —Catherine Finger, author of The Jo Oliver Thrillers, on F.O.X.

"Mystery author extraordinaire Kelly Oliver has hit another one out of the park with F.O.X. ... Oliver has once again made female power quirky and fun—and oh so potent and riveting."
   —Samuel Marquis, author of Altar of Resistance and The Coalition, on F.O.X.

"Kelly Oliver is a master of getting her heroine in and out of trouble while managing to both entertain and yes, even educate her readers."
   —Charles Salzberg, author of The Henry Swann Mysteries, on F.O.X.

"Like all Kelly Oliver novels, from page one, the story pulls you in and won't let you go. Fast moving and action driven, this is one book you won't want to string over a couple of nights of reading. After dinner, send the boyfriend home and buckle down for a bumpy ride."
   —Clay Stafford, bestselling author, filmmaker & founder of Killer Nashville, on F.O.X.

"Coyote is an entertaining, fast, and refreshing mix of murder, greed, philosophy, mystery, and woman power.... very funny yet profoundly dark."
   —Forward Reviews on Coyote

"Refreshingly authentic. The character of Jessica is sharpened and augmented from what readers encountered in the first book, and the author's penchant for perfectly timed punch lines is on full display throughout... A fast-paced and thoroughly engaging whodunit set in the American West."
   —Kirkus Reviews on Coyote (read the full review)

"This book kept surprising me... and pulled me into issues of the day while delivering a great story. Highly recommended."
   —3 Books Full on Coyote

"A splendid mystery involving one of the most resonant issues of our dangerous times. Fans of Sophie Littlefield, Deborah Coonts, and Nevada Barr have something to celebrate. Jessica James is a new American original."
   —Jason Miller, author of Down Don't Bother Me, on Coyote

"An extraordinary feat...Jessica James is a great modern hero...and Coyote is a fun, entertaining thrill ride."
   —Samuel Marquis on Coyote

"The novel moves along at a good clip...and this working class protagonist will undoubtedly appeal to readers."
   —BookLife Prize for Fiction on Coyote

"A witty and engaging whodunit, with a 'cowgirl philosopher' who's part V.I. Warshawski and part John Wayne."
   —Kirkus Reviews on Wolf (read the full review)

"A cast of characters who charm us from beginning to end.... a fun romp of a read through mystery and mayhem."
   —Mystery Book World Live on Wolf

"A thrilling and suspenseful mystery, its every page jam-packed with action...masterfully builds suspense with its relatable protagonist and bold subject matter."
   —Forward Reviews on Wolf

"With Wolf: A Jessica James Mystery, Author Kelly Oliver has created an intriguing, authentic, and genuinely amusing suspense yarn with a unique female lead in the titular character that will appeal to a broad range of readers."
   —Samuel Marquis, author of The Coalition and Bodyguard of Deception, on Wolf

"Take a hardscrabble, budding philosopher, her crew of misfit helpmates, add in murder, revenge, a generous portion of some dangerous vodka-swilling baddies from around Chicago's way, and a dash of romance and you have Oliver's Wolf, a rollercoaster of a ride. Exquisitely not put downable!"
   —Tracy Whiting, author of The Thirteenth Fellow, on Wolf

"Jessica James is a welcome addition to the world of amateur sleuths. She's a unique combination of smart and witty and she can quote Nietzsche. A sparkling and wise debut novel."
   —Charles Salzberg, author of Swann's Lake of Despair, on Wolf

"When Jessica James, a Montana cowgirl turned philosophy student, encounters murder, Russian intrigue, and revenge...the stage is set for Wolf, a suspenseful, well-paced debut novel from acclaimed philosopher Kelly Oliver."
   —Debra H. Goldstein, author of Should Have Played Poker, on Wolf

"Fast paced and full of fascinating characters... Jessica is a heroine readers will root for."
   —BookLife Prize for Fiction on Wolf