Book 9 coming September 14th

Is Fiona Figg ready to exchange her sleuthing cap for a bridal veil?

Fiona is set to tie the knot with her dashing flyboy, Archie Somersby. But, while Fiona is busy planning her happily ever after, side-kick Kitty Lane and a group of judo-chopping suffragettes are kicking up trouble at the Piccadilly Jujitsu Club.

Kelly Oliver is the award-winning author of the Fiona Figg Mysteries, Jessica James Mysteries and the Pet Detective series.
When she’s not writing mystery novels, Kelly is a Distinguished Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University, and the author of fifteen non-fiction books and over 100 articles on issues such as the refugee crisis, campus rape, women and the media, animals, and the environment. She has published in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Review of Books and has been featured on ABC news, CSPAN books, the Canadian Broadcasting Network, and various radio programs.