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Kelly Oliver Kelly Oliver

Jessica James, Cowgirl Philosopher Mystery Series

With more wit than grace, philosophy graduate student and former barrel racing champion, Jessica James, stumbles into murder mysteries, human trafficking, rape drugs, art scams, and corporate corruption.


Now available from Kaos Press:


Jessica James Book One

"A rollercoaster ride...exquisitely not put downable!"
   —Tracy Whiting, author of The Thirteenth Fellow: A Mystery in Provence

Three kickass girls, two dead men, and one killer story!

Penniless, Jessica James is sleeping on a desk in the attic waiting for a flight home to Montana, the last place she wants to be. She blames her advisor, Professor Wolfgang "Wolf" Schumtzig, "Preeminent Philosopher and World Class Dick-Head." But when he's found dead in his office, her real education begins.

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