Jessica James Mystery Series

If Nancy Drew drank Jack Daniels… meet Jessica James

With more wit than grace, philosophy graduate student and former barrel racing champion, Jessica James, stumbles into murder mysteries, human trafficking, rape drugs, art scams, and corporate corruption.

Readers will find a clever, endearingly awkward, and downright hilarious heroine in Jessica James. This is an irresistible treat for fans of kickass women sleuths and laugh-out-loud funny mysteries.

“Refreshingly authentic. .. A fast-paced and thoroughly engaging whodunit set in the American West.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Fast paced and full of fascinating characters… Jessica is a heroine readers will root for.”
—BookLife Prize for Fiction
“an intriguing, authentic, and genuinely amusing suspense yarn with a unique female lead in the titular character that will appeal to a broad range of readers.”
—Author Samuel Marquis
“A thrilling and suspenseful mystery, its every page jam-packed with action…masterfully builds suspense with its relatable protagonist and bold subject matter.”
—Foreword Reviews
“A cast of characters who charm us from beginning to end…. a fun romp of a read through mystery and mayhem.”
—Mystery Book World Live


Book 7

Jessica James is back in the saddle in this fast-paced and funny whodunnit.

Facing life as an unemployed philosopher, a pair of pocket rockets in Texas Hold ‘Em sends her to Italy where she takes a crash course in Art Crimes.

She lands an internship with the FBI. But wouldn’t you know it. Her new boss is Federal Marshal Lexington Colt.

Does sharing an old boyfriend count as a conflict of interest?

Jessica and Lexi once again have to team up to catch a killer and solve one of the biggest art heists in history.


Book 6

She’s obsessed with finding an old boyfriend.

But can she track him down without leading the mafia straight to him?

And what about the hot Federal Marshal hellbent on stopping her?

Jessica is back in another witty, fast-paced, adventure full of suspense, romance, and Diet Mountain Dew.


Book 5

Jessica James is back in award winning author Kelly Oliver’s latest fast paced thrill ride.

Donors to the new world class Chicago museum of Russian art are dropping like flies, and Jessica is at the center of the carnage. Can she track down the killer before she falls into his trap?

Speaking of traps, this doozy puts Jessica in the middle of a love triangle she’d do anything to avoid.

In her latest outing, Jessica once again puts her boots in the stirrups and cracks the whip on first class entertainment.

Mystery, suspense, action, adventure, romance, and laugh-out-loud humor. What more could you want in a page-turner? A riveting suspense novel that keeps you guessing until the end.


Book 4

She’s in Sin City to search for her dad. But is she about to place her final bet?

Philosophy student Jessica James is desperate to find her real father. Broke and crashing with a stripper friend in Vegas, all she knows is that he’s supposedly a washed up magician. But all bets are off when she discovers a naked guy in a hotel bathtub missing a kidney…

Suspecting her gyrating roommate could be tangled up in more than a g-string, Jessica ropes in her poker-ace sidekick to help. But when she discovers the ruthless casino mob is closing in, she’s worried the search for her dad was just an illusion.

Can Jessica crack a criminal cartel before the mafia makes her cash out for life?

2020 E-Lit Award for Best Mystery-Thriller


Book 3

This isn’t her first rodeo. But if she can’t rope in a predator, she may be the next one to fall…

Jessica James fears for the worst. After the PhD student wakes up disoriented and naked behind a dumpster, tests come back negative but other victims start to surface. With assault off the table, the Montana cowgirl turned sleuth has to piece together a dark mystery.

As her hot-tempered friend looks for revenge, Jessica’s hunt for clues pairs her up with a smart-mouthed med student who just found a dead body in a freezer. But if the sleuth can’t find out how the drugs, a genetic researcher, and the corpse are related, she might be the next victim taken out with the trash.

Can Jessica use her red cowboy boots to stomp out the serial sedation?

2017 Claymore Award Finalist
2018 Silver Falchion Award Finalist
Readers’ Favorite


Book 2

She came back for vacation. If she’s not careful, she might leave in a body bag…

Ivy League student Jessica James isn’t thrilled to be back home in Montana. But her boring summer break becomes a nightmare when her cousin dies at the local sawmill. Devastated by the death, she can’t help but draw connections between the supposed accident and her own father’s unsolved demise…

With the mill’s owner pushing hard to start fracking on Native American Blackfeet land, Jessica starts to connect the dots between the killings. And when two young girls go missing, Jessica calls in her posse to fight blood with brains.

Can Jessica expose the town’s dirty money, or will she too end up as sawdust?

2017 Silver Falchion Award Winner


Book 1

She wants her degree. But she just became a suspect of first-degree murder…

Jessica James is broke and counting down the days until she can defend her philosophy thesis. Desperate to get out of her grubby attic digs, she and her friends break into her professor’s office… only to find her adviser dead in the tub. Scoping the crime scene for clues, she leaves evidence that makes her both a suspect and a target.

Suspecting the school’s Russian janitor of doing more than sweeping the floors, Jessica mounts an investigation to clear her name. And when her ragtag posse helps her uncover a related date drug scandal, repeated attempts on her drink make her fear she’s the next on the killer’s to-do list.

Can Jessica unmask the murderer before her degree gets buried six-feet-under?

Voted Number One Women’s Mystery On Goodreads
Forward Magazine Award Best Mystery Finalist
Ippy Award Gold Medalist, Best Mystery/Thriller
Choice Magazine Award Winning Author